Logger Adapter 46 Purging Issues


We are facing issues with regard to purging functionality in Logger Adapter 4.6.
We have purging configured to run every 12 hours and purge everything that is 60 days old. We have had this setup for a while now. I do not see the logger adapter deleting anything from the logger tables (ent_activation etc) in Production Env. Can you please suggest what might be wrong? We are running ES 5.0.1, logger adapter 4.6 on HP-UX B.11.11, EI 4.6. Its a production issue and our wm tables size grown up significantly and reaching out of space. We have checked the Adapter Trace also and can see following debug statements about purging:
3:43:54 PM CDT.694 [Debug] Log println
Begin purge
3:44:24 PM CDT.334 [Debug] 0 test broker

3:44:32 PM CDT.218 [Debug] Log println
End purge
But nothing is happening about purging the records

Did any one face this kind of problem
I come to know about the Logger Adapter SP1 , can it help out , we don’t have it currently

Thanks in Advance


Hi Deepak,

The Logger adapter only purges completed transactions. Unfortunately a lot of transactions remain “pending” even if actually, they should be set as completed.

As far as I remember it is due to branch operations in Integration Components. The way it is designed, the transaction will be set as completed only if the process goes through “true” steps of branch operations or something like that …

Anyway, we faced the same problem and we developed purging scripts for all integration older than 3 months considering that it was a significant delay.



Thanks M

Acutally I do have tons of records which are completed successfully (END_FLAG=‘Y’) but not eleted from ent_activation table
Do you have faced this kind of problem or Successful Records means something extra ( i mean other than END_FLAG=‘Y’)
Pls let me know

Can you please share the SQL scripts you have written for purging if possible

Would appreciate your response