Log Invocation: Local Log

I have a run time policy for logging inbound and outbound payload requests using the ‘Log Invocation’ Action. I have selected the ‘Local Log’ destination. When i invoke the service i get a log message on the mediator IS:

[390]2013-06-26 15:26:52 EDT [MED.0206.0021W] Service vService has no active accumulators in its MAC cache.

I was expecting to see the payloads in my IS server logs, but instead am seeing the above message. Can anybody tell me what it means and how i can fix it ?


Can you share:

  • Is this a clustered mediator or a single node?
  • which release: 8.0, 8.2, 9.0?
  • which fix level?

Normally for local log the messages are logged with log level info and look like this:

[1576067] Request payload: <?xml version=‘1.0’ …
[1576066] Status: SUCCESS
[1576065] Consumer ID: unknown
[1576064] Session Id: 32305690df0711e29ba5a5871cb5714d
[1576063] Description: Invoked at 27.06.13 10:54
[1576062] Virtual Service: VS_xxxx
[1576061] Runtime policy: yyyy
[1576060]2013-06-27 10:54:37 MESZ [MED.0001.0005I] Transaction event