Local Service development

Hi Guys,

Can anybody let me know, the Local Service Development in 9.10? How to install the workstation?

In the Service Development Help, there is a prerequisite -

But in the 9.10 Installing Software AG Products, I don’t see any steps for Workstation.

All replies appreciated.


Hi Naidu ,

From 9.8 the option of Local Service Development has been renamed to “Local Version Control Integration” .
Please refer the attached screenshot.

You should be licensed to download this. If you are not licensed, you will not see this option even during the installation.

Thank you guys.

I have that selection in the image and installed(attached). But selecting and installing that, means a local integration server running on my designer?
How can I verify?


Local Integration server will be installed under the Software AG home installation folder.
You can connect to the local Default server , right click on the package there you will get a menu item called “Create Local Service Development” will appear.

You can find the steps to use Local service development mentioned in this webpage as well :

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I was looking for the IS to be local to Designer , just like an application server(Tomcat) seen on Eclipse. Now, I realize that its same known IS installation which runs out of the designer as a separate service but both need to be locally installed.

I would wish to have IS server as built-in to Designer.

Thank you Rakesh for the insight :slight_smile: