Local Resource Already In Use

I have 1 wrapper service that calls three others. In each of the three others I have a start/commit/rollback transaction. I get the error “[FONT=Courier][SIZE=2]
The resource is already being used in a parent transaction” when I get to the 2nd service. I get the concept of im guessing the Local adapter can only create 1 local transaction per service call, but is there any way for me to not put the startTransaction in the wrapper service and keep it in all 3 of the services?

How come you cant explicitly close a transaction and create another in each service?

For each Insert or Update St., JDBC Adapter thinks as one Tx. so make sure if you start Tx. you have to close it…


You can have more than one transaction per service call or thread. Just not concurrently.
From what you describe, you don’t need transaction control around all the JDBC calls. It sounds like you need a “No Transaction” connection instead.