Loading large amounts of data in tamino from C++


i want to load large amounts of data into tamino from C++. For now, I try to do this with the Tamino ActiveX interface. But it seems to be to slow. Are there better ways to put the data into tamino from C++? Perhaps without using HTTP?


Access to Tamino can only be via HTTP so this cannot be avoided. One possibility is to write C++ code that does not use the ActiveX control and instead uses direct HTTP communication. The only drawback here is processing of the XML responses. Another possibility but I am not sure if this is possible with the Microsoft XMLDOM, is to batch up XML documents and say store 10 at a time. The problem here is that the document being passed onto Tamino will not be well-formed so the MS XMLDOM may complain. Its something that could be tried anyway. :slight_smile:

Hi TomZ,

I guess you’ve read my post about large doucuments and it’s problems. I also tried to post large documents with a c+±module, but the result is always the same, if try to post one document beneath one collection(30 min. → 10MB). you retreive better results, if hash your document a part.

hope it helps