Load testing using Load runner


can any body pls help ,how can i do Load testing using Load runner with Integartion server4.6

Or do any body has customized application for performance testing ?


Hi ,

How do we test services with large data ( range of 10 MB , 30
MB , 50 MB , 100 MB ) .We tried testing with LoadRunner , but it is giving Timed Out error . When we tried testing service directly with 4 MB & 8MB data it is giving error DA-0010java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException: OutOfMemoryError. We are working on 6.5 . Can any body put some light to it .


You can invoke the service with large data - but that service should have large file handling logic.


For handling largefiles in the IS/Flowservices,basically to handle large file handling in WM there are 2ways…
1)NodeIterator logic in IS,
2)Configure TN large file handling.

This way the service can handle large files data and it is nothing to do with LoadRunner.


there are many service providers who charge on hourly basis for loadrunner services and you can also hire a loadrunner consultant if you don’t have loadrunner training…