Load Balancing Java Application

Hi Software AG,

We have a few “synchronised” block in my Java applications that is currently not setup for load balancing. We are now searching for solutions and referred to here from the link https://coderanch.com/t/546587/java/synchronize-block-code-multiple-JVM

However, we are unable to find how to setup the particular load balancing that we are looking for. Please refer us to the correct setup instructions.

Thank you.

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Hello Yong, this is a webMethods tech forum…Terracotta might be owned by SAG but this topic needs to be moved to Terracotta group. Refer to below group.


Having said that, you are in the right direction. You need to have two nodes of TSA Array with active-active setup and a config file with both nodes configured in it. Then you need to use the TSA cache manager instance to establish an application cluster for the Java App. I am pretty sure folks at Terracotta group will be able to help you more. Post you question there!