LISTBOX : Selectable or not??

According to the documentation (and Firebug) my LISTBOX should inherit the CAF.Select.Model functions, but they don’t seem to work.

removeAll(), select(), add() do nothing… only size() seems to work.

My simple goal is to select the highest index of the box on refresh. I need to use it to display a sort of log and want to show the user the most recent enrtry, not the first.

Also, why does the LISTBOX control alter the cursor to a “finger” when moused over but then not let you select anything?

Thanks for any help!



I now have my listbox bound to a SelectableListTableContentProvider, and while I can select a row with the mouse I still cant do it programmaticly as below

—on click—

var lb = CAF.model(’#{activePageBean.clientIds[‘listbox’]}’)

No JS errors appear, either

What up?


Never mind… I got it to select.

I still need to automatically scroll to the bottom of the list, which is what started all this.

I’ll post another topic about it specifically.