List all objects locked by all users when locked using SPoD

Would like to see all users “locked” objects… In a mix development group and some developers like using the Natural Studio; I’m in this group… others are using the “3270” Hummingbird to create/edit Natural objects. We are using the SLOCK=SPOD and have discovered an issue where a former user has items “locked” that as designed, prevents us from editing that object using SPoD. When the SLOCK is removed we can edit the objects but once the SLOCK is set back the objects returned to locked…

I have multiple related questions:

without the obvious option of using the former user’s id to connect in SPoD and unlock the objects…

Is there a “file” table that the records what objects are locked and by whom that the DBA can mannually update to remove the records for a user or all users, in essence unlock all objects in SPoD?

If the file/table exists can it be “viewed” to reveal all the locked objects in SPoD and who locked them? (I can see my own locked items and issue unlocks… would like to see all users (all objects) that are locked… I’ve attached the image of my locked items so the records are stored somewhere… where are they stored and can it be accessed with a natural query?)

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Whether you are allowed to see and unlock ALL objects, or only
the ones locked by yourself, is controlled via the Natural Security
user profile, specifically the Session Options

:smiley: Thank you Wolfgang!