Linked Documents

Quick newbie question:
I have several documents that reference the same item, and I would like to store that item in only one place, is there a way do do this in Tamino, or am I still thinking to relationally? i.e.:


is there a way to have an IDref or something in between these docs?
Specifically, if a user updates the name or another attribute on car radio1 (or any sub-element) it is reflected in all the docs that have it… Note that they are not in the same place in the heirarchy, and there may be millions of assemblies that reference this part…

Well, XQuery does a pretty good job of supporting joins. Is this the sort of thing you want:

then how does the X-Query look like to select all assembly that use part “dolby filter” ?


let $partno := input()/part[@name=“dolby filter”]/@partno
for $a in input()/assembly
where $a//part/@partno=$partno
return $a