Hello guys,

I would like to know how could I map two tables created in a relational database in Tamino:

let’s say I have a table ‘families’ with a primary key idFamily, and another table ‘members’ with a primary key idMember and a secondary key idFamily.

How can I map this into documents in Tamino?

Fady Kaddoum

what about creating a view in your RDBMS and mapping to that view?


I had a similar problem and I found a helpful article in the online manual. Search for “Representing Joins”, it might give you an idea how to solve your problem.

I implemented actually a link mechanism which is similar to XLink functionality, where I can point from one document type to another. This is all covered and resolved in my database access layer. I.e. a ‘members’ document type would contain such a link referring to the ‘families’ document type.

My link object contains the entire XPath query statement, thus the application does not need to know where the referred document lies.

The disadvantage is, that the document ‘members’ contains non-semantic information (The query statement itself).

Hope this information helps you any further,