X-Query Search Problem on Object Referenced Schema (Jazz Exa

Hi there,

I tried out the “Object Reference” Example in the Tamino 3.1.1 “Document Composition” Chapter of the “Advanced Topics” Documentation and indeed the (Tamino’s) X-QUERY statement


gives me all the names of the dereferenced JazzMusician Schema. But, how to I search for all names, where e.g. instrument=‘trumpet’
?? A query like


does not work !!! The Tamino Documentation is not very clear on this in my view.

The ultimate goal is to have a dynamic schema system, where a change in the application forcing e.g. a couple of new elements in the schema, one does not have to change the schema but instead write a new one and link them “somehow”.

“Somehow” calls for something like a “join” which Tamino does not fully support (yet) so I was looking into the “Object Reference” alternative. Does anybody have a better suggestions ? Right now I think of keeping an additional “reference schema” for each schema family which just keeps references to all "real " schemas.

As I understand, my alternatives are
1) Object References
2) Dynamic Joins (using Stylesheets or other programming languages)
3) Server Extensions (?)
4) Waiting for full W3C XQUERY support =:-(

Thanks for any help,