Example for "Join" in 3.1.1 ??

Hello fellow Tamino People,

I’m new here, new to XML Schemas and new to Tamino so please don’t hold it against me

We’re using Tamino 2.2 and want to move to 3.1. An idea is to split our “big” derived XML Schemas to multiple smaller Schemas, saving effort and time when introducing new business logic in our application.

So I need a “join” functionality which Tamino 3.1.1 does not yet support (as I understand?) but offers instead a solution using “Object References”, which is discussed in the Tamino 3.1 documentation, chapter “Document Composition” in the “Advanced Topics” paper. (does 3.1 offer any smoother ways doing this than 2.x ?)

Unfortunalty I cannot find any example sources that I could try out with my Tamino Installation other than the jazz example in the Advanced Topics documentation. I was wondering if anyone had some working example sources that I could load into Tamino and play around with.

Maybe you also know some other links on the topic that could help my problem,

thanks for any help,


Hi Alex,

In the attached zip file there are two .tsd files and two corresponding xml instances. Hopefully they will be able to illustrate how to do “static” joins in Tamino.

join.zip (2.23 KB)

Thanks for the join.zip example of a static join you send me … :slight_smile:

But … with it I have the same problem as with my example when I want to insert a measurement instance. :confused: At line 3:


I get the Message:
Access Failure:
MessageText:Storing an object of this mapping type is not permitted
MessageLine:Line 3, Column 25: Storing an object of this mapping type is not permitted

Do I need to re-configure Tamino ?? Thanks for any help though … if this would work it’d be great and could avoid me looking into Tamino Extensions and Stylesheets :stuck_out_tongue:



ok, I got the instance loaded now.

the format

something did not work

it had to be

One Problem seems to be that I could not insert a Object Instance with X-Plorer, but had no problem inserting same xml file with the Interactive Interface. :eek:

Here a related follow-up question which I will also post as a new discussion thread.

I have a main schema and a referenced schema. I have no trouble getting

a) getting all data from the main schema, including the derefernced data from the reference schema, satisfying a condition in the main schema.

b) getting all the object instances from the referenced schema given a condition in the referenced schema


I cannot (so far) define a query where I get all results from the main schema and the referenced schema given a condition in the main schema and a condition in the referenced schema.

I’ll attach my example schemas and object instances.

This query covers case a. from above:


This query covers case b. from above:

doxBankingDoc/doxAppDocElements/doxAppDocElements[isDeleted=“1” ]

My problem, I want to merge both queries, getting all the object instances from both schemas where

doxId=“e56aeb761e-0010-9387” and isDeleted="1"

Any help is greatly appreciated.
claudia2.zip (5.26 KB)