Link Properties Syntax to pass a defined number of arrays

I have an array of data items that needs to populate the cics screen 6 items at a time. In the Link Properties popup in a Flow Path Procedure, is there a way to specify a range of array item numbers to pass into the cics screen?

For example, in the first cics screen I need to enter array item numbers 0 through 5. After a page down, I need to pass array item numbers 6 through 11. 0 through 5 while in the 1st loop; 6 through 11 while in the 2nd loop, etc…

Currently, using Apx Documentation points to Link Properties with a Count field, which is non existent in our version, as attached. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks,

Hi Kurt,

This scenario needs to be implemented using a foreach loop. Looping through the array, you can send each value to the appropriate multiple field index (only send the value - not the host key).
Then check if the Item index can be divided by 6, if so, send the desired Host Key.
Finally, if Number of Items in the array can not be divided by 6, that means you have several Items that were placed on the screen but not submitted , send another host key to submit the remaining values.

Check out the Screen image I attached to this message.

Let me know if you need any further assistance
or any further clarification
Best regards,