Natural Map Arrays

I created a Natural map that has an array field with an upperbounds of 8. Only 4 occurrences of the array will show on the screen at one time. I have PF keys set up to page back and forth.
The problem I’m having is that you can’t tab into the last occurrence of the array or get the data in that occurrence to even appear.
Any ideas, advice?

There really is a lot of information missing here in order to answer the question. For example, when someone hits a PF Key, do you do a REINPUT, or a REINPUT FULL. If just a REINPUT, the screen will not be redrawn. Or, are you in a dummy REPEAT loop with the INPUT USING MAP inside?

How is the array defined? Are there any Control Variables? etc.

I presume you show the first four array members when the screen comes up. When you hit the PF key, does nothing change? Or is it just the last occurrence that does not change? Can you just not tab into the last occurrence after the PF key, or can you no longer tab at all?


We found the problem. I accidentaly had the eighth occurrence set to non-modifiable.