Asking solution related to maps in Natural Adabas Mainframes


In my requirement , I want to add an array field(MU) in map which is having 15 occurrences.
For example :
Fieldname : &xxxx&xxxx&xxxx&xxxx&xxxx&xxxx&xxxx&xxxx&xxxx&xxxx

using Map editor I know to add fields which is having even occurences…
Can anybody please tell me, how to add odd occurrences like the given example.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Have you tried simply specifying 15 occurrences? If you get an error; what is the error.

Are you trying to place the occurrences vertically or horizontally?

Yes, Natural wants to display a nice rectangle; he makes you enter number of rows and number of columns. If you specify 15 occurrences, Natural rounds to 16 when you enter “8x2”.

There is a way to break the rule, but it’s very limited in use and a little time-consuming. It presumes that all occurrences can fit on a single line to begin with, but perhaps you could try a 250-character line.

My example has seven occurrences.


I moved the last three of them individually using the .m field command.



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@Ralph Zbrog

Your solution has worked.
Thank you so much :slight_smile:

Thanks & Regards
Priyanka Chilka

Why not just REDEFINE #ARRAY (A4/1:15) into #firstline (a4/1:10) and #secondline (a4/1:5)

Both Ralph’s solution and the REDEFINE are amenable to breaking the array into as many segments of any given number of occurrences, and placing the segments anywhere on the map.