start index for a screen table?

I have an array on a screen that is 69 elements laid out as 14 rows by 5 columns. The first element starts in the second column (so the first row only has 4 occurrences).

I can lay this out with lots of row/column offsets in the mapping, but I was hoping I could just define it as if it started in the first column and drop the first element. I’ve got this working with a flow procedure that copies the table element-by-element to the output structure, using a Test If to not copy the initial element.

Is it possible do a simpler mapping (screen mapping) from the screen table to the output structure by setting the ? I tried using NewObject to create a StartCounter = 1 and set the source index in the screen mapping to that, but then only the one table element was copied over, not the 69. Is there no way to indicate that the source index needs to be incremented from this starting value (which is what seems to happen when is set on scrolled pages)?

Hi Douglas,
We assumed you want to collect everything to single array.
Anyhow, we need GCT + GXZ so we can try it here.
Kind regards,

just wanted to post back to let everyone know the outcome of this item.

The solution was to map the screen array with the starting row/column where it is in the second column and supply just one set of row/column offsets (0,16). The screen preview doesn’t show this correctly in v525 - the array appears to march off to the right in a single row - but ApplinX correctly wraps at execution time. When the next field is outside of the screen area, it goes to the next row automatically.