Limiting the size for IS server log


Is there any way to “limit” the log file size for server.log and error.log?

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Chinmaya Nanda


There is no way to limit the size of log files.

You can reduce the logging level to minimum so that there wont be much information logged in the IS.

Does your server log shows TOOOO many things or uodates very fast, even you are not doing anything or doing less?

Hi Yadhunandhan/Suvigya,

Thanx for your replies.I know that we can reduce the logging level and also we can use the key watt.server.auditLog=false/same for error log to reduce the content of server log.
But my question is can we limit the size of server log like if i set the server log maximum size as 1GB then log should not exceed this value.

Please reply.

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Chinmaya Nanda

How can you limit a file man?
And even if you limit the log, then what is the need of the error/server logs? All the info will be lost then, which is necessary…:slight_smile:


Yeah i agree to that.But sometime the storage space might be a constraint that time we need to control the server log size.
If possible we can configure that if the logs are exceeding the specified limit then a mail will be dropped to the administrator to handle that situation.
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Chinmaya Nanda


Definitely you can schedule a cronjob in your OS, in order to check the size of the disk space and send an alert email to the support group.

How many days logs you are keeping in the server? You can move/delete/zip the old logs (say 2-3 months old)

Just telling this info to make sure your server does not get crashed. :p:

Just kidding…

IMO … there is nothing out of box in webmethods for this requirement, but you can write a simple service to get the file size and depending upon the threshold fire a email alert… but i still feel disk space allocation/monitoring is out of wm scope and it should be done by some cron job on OS level rather than application level for particular dir.

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Thanks for your replies guys.:):):slight_smile:


Chinmaya Nanda

What about watt.debug2.maxlogsize in the $IS_HOME/config/server.cnf?

Its not in the IS server admin guide, but if its not for this issue then what is it for?

Hi Vanfleer,

I have searched for the key “watt.debug2.maxlogsize” but i didnt find this key in Is Home/config/server.cnf.Probably this key doesn’t come with WebMethods.can you plz tell me from where you get this key??

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Chinmaya Nanda

Hi all,

i was seraching for the key “watt.debug2.maxlogsize” in webmethods 6.5 :D,but its a feature of webmethod 8.0 .
But i didnt find any explanation of that in any document.

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Chinmaya Nanda

Its also a feature in IS 7.1.3. :slight_smile:

watt.debug2.maxlogsize has been deprecated since 6.1

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