Limit server log size and rolling file


My DEV server Log is growing a lot… what would you advise me to limit its size and to make it as a weekly rolling file (like log4J does please) please ?

hum apparently it is already set to polling daily, so it is ok.


For IS server logs, we are manually finding files older than 15 days and deleting them using IS flow service or U can write a script as well.

I am also interested if any log4j kind of configuration is there for IS server logs.

I think for OSGI profiles logs I guess there are settings in config.

Another thing to think about is why is it growing so much? Perhaps the logging level for some facilities need to be adjusted down or perhaps the application is making more use of debugLog than it should. It is not uncommon for customers to implement logging frameworks so they can separate their application log files (sometimes multiple of them) from the IS server log.

Thanks for your help and replies.

Yes, Percio, you were right… I’ve asked you this question because of an abnormal growing (this was my fault, I was testing a java service that logged too much data :oops: ).