License not received

I was supposed to receive a evaluation license after the download. i checked my email and found no license.
I performed the download again and still there is no email with the license.
Is your product still available for evaluation or not ? if yes could you please mail me a evaluation license or instruct me on how to obtain it.

Thanks in advance,

Hi Chiths,

the downloads in the community provide the license before you download the software. There are different license types as documented in
Software Type Definitions.
These are the valid licenses. There are no specific evaluations licenses because the software in the community is normally an add-on to the Tamino XML Server and can be used in conjunction with both; a licensed Tamino XML Server or the Tamino XML Starterkit. Only exception is Quip, which can be used stand-alone.

If you downloaded the XML Starterkit, you should have received an email with a license key. If this didn’t happen, please contact the Tamino XML Starterkit Admins using this
contact page.


Tamino Developer Community