License for Designer 10.15 Trail Version expiring soon

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Designer 10.15 Free Trial Version

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Question related to a free trial, or to a production (customer) instance?

Will the Designer 10.15 Trail Version continue working fine after Oct. 31/2023, when the license expires? The guide is kind of misleading says that we can upload a new license for webMethods Unit Test Framework, but does not say anything for the whole Designer tool. Do we need a special license for using Designer 10.15 (we don’t require Unit Test Framework)? SAG send me back to the Tech Community when I asked for a license.
By the way, trying to create an image for Designer 10.15 using SAG Installer (for Windows Platform) has not been successful at all. Someone can share a guide for it.

SAG licensing can be and is usually very confusing. AFAIK you don’t need a license for the service/process designer. I never needed a license for it. I don’t know about the unit test framework though.

We are working on refreshing Service Designer 10.15 with latest license keys embedded in it & hopefully early next week, you can expect the archives refreshed over here in tech community page.

@Prashant_Prashant, do you know if that refreshed version will include UI Development, we need to create some CAF screens and with the current Trial version is not possible, the module is not present.

Hi Edwin,

does Service Designer Trial contain a MWS installation?
When using Legacy CAF you will require a MWS installation.
OpenCAF might be able to run other Webservers/Applicationservers.

You might want to check if you need to switch to webMethods Free Trial variant instead of the Service Designer.


@Edwin_Silva1 The Service Designer doesn’t include the UI/CAF development.


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The Service Designer 10.15 is refreshed now with extended license & the same announcement can be accessed from webMethods Service Designer 10.15 refresh announcement .


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