cannot open shared object or file

We are trying to set up an environment to use natural web with a Suse LInux Server, Apache, Natural and EntireX 7.1.

We set up each product following all available documentation but each time that we hit the httpd server, to use nwwcgi, we receive a message telling that it can not load
We modify apache configuration file (httpd.conf) in order to include a LoadModule statement (LoadModule broker /srv/www/nwwcgi/ but the result is the same.
We also added this library to LD_LIBRARY_PATH of the user root who is the one that start apache server but problem continues.

Any idea?

Hi Ariel,

I am not familiar with Natural Web but I have some comments
on loading shared libraries into Apache httpd.

There are some caveats with Apache httpd and shared libraries.
If the Web Server is running as root (which I assume), then
it can only load libraries located in /lib or /usr/lib and ignores
LD_LIBRARY_PATH. This is a general UNIX/Linux policy.
The library is not an Apache module, so LoadModule
does not work.

Two possible quick workarounds come into my mind:
1. run httpd under a different user than root, or
2. copy and the shared libraries this depends on to /usr/lib
(but note, this is very dirty!)

Regards, Dietmar.