LDAP Role Resolver Issue


We have an application migrated from 7.x to 8.2. In 8.2 version we have integrated the LDAP for the users to login and perform tasks like, accessing portlets, tasks etc.

We have 9 tasks allocated to around 100 roles for different line of business.
In the LDAP integration, we have added the users of the role to an “AD Group” and this AD group is added to the role as a member and for the task subscription we have specified the Distribution List with the users of the role.

Now in the actual scenario we can have users assigned to multiple roles. When the task notification is sent and user logs in as the approver, the role which is in the top of the roles list is applied and all the other roles are discarded and he gets a exception as in the attachment.

And there is this warning in the MWS logs.
2011-08-11 00:22:58 EDT (com.softwareag.mws.dir.LdapRoleResolver:WARN) [RID:3599] - No configuration for: ldapAttributes

Am I missing something, could you please help me in solving this.

The warning from the ldap role resolver shouldn’t have any impact on your application other than an annoying log message. That was meant to be a sample project and should not have been deployed by default. You can safely undeploy the wm_ldaproleresolver.war file.