LDAP connectivity -Disables evry 20 min

THe ldap configured is getting disabled on it own after 20 to 30 min or so .This is happening in production server…

The configuration seems to be correct

Version. 8.2


It happened in our systems some time back.

Please check, if the account used to connect to LDAP is being invalidated by any chance.

The root cause in our case was that, the account we used to connect to LDAP was locked (due the password we used was wrong). After few unsuccesful attempts to connect to LDAP with this locked account, webMethods disabled LDAP.

Thanks raja,

onec when the sevice is enabled i am able to list the LDAP group and also access the MWS with the LAN credentials…This will be enabled for a few min. and it goes back to disabled state.

Suggest that you stop MWS.
GoTo \MWS\bin>
issue mws.sh|bat -d start

The reason for LDAP being disabled (after 20 minutes) should be recorded.

What is your MWS fix level?