Ldap Authentication


At the LDAP level, I have users who have two unique identifiers: email address and a unique number.
Currently we use only the email address to authenticate

I would like to know if it is possible that user can connect with the two identifiers: either one or the other ?

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For the usermanagement module with API Portal, “User name” attribute uniquely identifies the user. Within UMC of API Portal there can not be two users with same “User name”.

The “User name” in UMC attribute can be mapped to any of the LDAP attribute using “User attribute mapping” in API Portal. This can only be one to one Mapping.

post this mapping, login can be done with the username(mapped attribute in LDAP)/pwd.

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So we can not map the username with two attributes, for example mail and account number ==> Name = mail Or account number?

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No. We can not map single attribute in UMC with two attributes of LDAP. It is a 1-1 mapping.

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