LDAP Authentication failed

Hi Team,

Getting below error in logs due to LDAP issue.

SIN_Log: Thread: Thread[nhp0:1,1,main], Logger: class com.softwareag.security.sin.is.ldap.ConfiguredServer, Level: ERROR, Message: No LDAP context url ldaps://
INFO | jvm 1 | 2019/09/12 19:32:08 | 19:32:08,701 IST - 2019.09.12, SIN_Log: Thread: Thread[nhp0:1,1,main], Logger: class com.softwareag.security.sin.is.ldap.lm.LDAPLoginModule, Level: ERROR, Message: Authentication failed

Wanted to know in which all config files we do keep LDAP credentials.


Hi Abdulnabi,

which version of wM are you running on?

Where did you configure the LDAP-Connection (IS/MWS)?

Looks like you are missing the root context inside the LDAP structure.


We configured LDAP in MWS. we are using wM version. Let me know if additional details needed.



when this is configured in MWS, are there any error messages related to this in the full.log of the MWS?

Do you have a Base DN defined for the root of the directory structure where to search for your user data?

You might want to contact your LDAP operations team to ask them if they can see any cause for these messages in the LDAP server.log.