KPIs are not getting deleted

Hi Guys,

In my Prod environment, we have been using KPIs, but now we want to get rid of the unused KPIs.
When I am deleting the kpi instances, those are getting queued up for deletion.
But nothing is really getting deleted, when i try to get the final count, its still the same, even sometimes the count increases when i delete.
Can somebody please help me with this or if there is any specific documentation that i can follow for this.


Hi Jyoti,

For users with administrative privileges, the Analytics Overview page displays an icon that activates a different version of the page, known as Admin Mode. This mode enables users to view and select specific KPI instances for deletion. You can also access Admin Mode as a standalone page not linked to the Analytics Overview page from the My webMethods menu by clicking Administration > Data Management > KPI Instance Deletion.

The ability to delete KPI instances is useful to remove defunct or superfluous KPI instances so that you can concentrate on useful information. For example, in Optimize for Process, if you are no longer interested in monitoring a specific process, you may want to remove the related KPI instances. Alternatively, in Optimize for Infrastructure, you may wish to remove KPI instances related to monitoring a server that was taken offline permanently.

When you delete one or more KPI instances in Admin Mode, a Delete job is scheduled and runs as soon as the system has available resources. If you select a KPI instance that contains child instances, all of the children are selected automatically, though they are not shown as selected on the page.

To delete KPI instances in Admin Mode,

  1. In My webMethods: Navigate > Applications > Monitoring > System Wide > Analytics Overview.

  2. Activate Admin Mode by clicking the Admin Mode icon. This icon is visible only to users with administrative privileges.

  3. Use the Search mechanism at the top of the page to narrow the list of displayed KPI instances.
    For instance, to locate Infrastructure KPIs for which monitoring is turned off, in the Filter field, select Infrastructure and in the Value field select Monitoring Off.

  4. Click the appropriate boxes in the Select column to select the KPI instances that you want to delete.
    Note: If the selected KPI instances contain child instances, all of the children are selected automatically and will be deleted.

  5. Click the Delete KPIs button to initiate a Delete job to delete the selected KPIs. You must click through several dialog boxes in order to confirm the deletion.

If you activated Admin Mode from the Analytics Overview page, you can return to the Analytics Overview page by clicking the Return Monitor Mode icon.

KPI instance deletion jobs can be monitored using the Job Management pages. Note that KPI instances that have been scheduled for deletion but not yet deleted remain on the Analytics Overview page/Admin Mode, but the Date/Time reading is replaced with “Delete Pending.” However, if new readings are received before the KPI instance is deleted, these will be shown in the interface.