Not able to purge the old BPM data

Hi All,

Please help us, as we are not able to delete old BPM data from the process schema, and it is increasing day by day we have tried all the possible ways provided by webMethods to delete the old data but we are not success yet,

Please help me if any had the same kind of problem, our basic requirement is delete not the archiving,

Also we have tried pub.monitor.archive:setOperationParameters service or updating the table directly , but it is also not working,

It is urgent please help us, if any body have the solution,


Hi Vikashs,
WMPROCESS is the table that holds all the Process Instance information. For each step, there will be a start and complete entries available.

You can pretty much execute a query like below to delete all the process instances for a particular process model

delete from wmprocess a where a.processkey like ‘%process_to_delete%’

If you are doing this in Production, double check this before you proceed with any action.


There are several tables used for logging in webMethods, all of them need to be purged on a regular base. To avoid inconsistencies I would try to avoid deleteing from those tables directly but use the build in servies or the MWS page to delete.
If using those does not work you need to provide more information than just that it is not working, e.g. errors from the IS logs, from the underlying database etc.