Knowledge Base on Advantage

I’m pleased to announce a number of improvements to the Knowledge Base on webMethods Advantage.

Knowledge Base Snapshot

Quick navigation to FAQs, Known Issues, and Services Packs based on your product interests.

Easier Navigation

FAQ are now listed separately from Known Issues and Fixes. This allows for easier navigation of the Knowledge Base.

Improved Search Results

It is now much easier to search the Knowledge Base. Select “FAQs” or “Known Issues” from the search options at the top of every page.

Simplified Product Interests

FAQs, Known Issues, and Service Packs are all filtered based on your product interests. We’ve simplified the product interests page to make it easier for you to keep your interests current. Please take a moment to update your product interests in the Preferences section or at

Article IDs

Every Frequently Asked Question, Known Issue, and Service Pack is uniquely identified by an Article ID.

If you know the Article ID of the item you are looking for you may enter it in the “Go to Article ID” section under Knowledge Base.

You may also use the Article ID to quickly access any FAQ, Known Issue or Service pack by logging into The Quick Access URL which looks like where ###### is the Article ID you are looking for.

Please check out and let us know what you think of these improvements.

Nathen Harvey
Project Manager, webMethods Advantage