Junk charaters through RFC notification from Unicode enabled SAP

We are connecting to an unicode enabled SAP system.
RFC destinations in SAP are unicode enabled (Unicode radio button is checked)
With unicode enabled RFC destinations, idocs from SAP through ALE listener notification are working fine.
But, data we are receiving through custom RFC notification from SAP is coming with some junk characters.
Attached is the screenshot. If any one has faced similar issue can you pls share with me how you resolved it?
Below is our SAP adapter version and patch levels and JCO lib version.
webMethods version 9.8

Adapter Version
Updates SAP_7.1_Fix14

JCA Spec Version 1.0
Vendor Name Software AG

OS Version 5.10
Current User wmdsysadmin
Working Directory /WM-data/IS-sap/IntegrationServer/instances/IS1

JCo Version 3.0.14 (2015-12-16)
JCo Middleware JavaRfc
JCo Middleware Version 2.2.17
JCo Native Library Version 721.619
JCo Native Library Location /WM-data/IS-sap/IntegrationServer/instances/IS1/lib/libsapjco3.so
IDoc Library Version 3.0.12 (2015-02-10)

screenshot.docx (19.8 KB)

Hi Vekatesh,

please check if it is possible for you to update SAP Adapter Fix Level and JCo-Lib to latest version (Fix18 and JCo 3.0.18 or newer).

I thought SAP Adapter 7.1 is autoprobing the SAP system for Unicode or not.

Please contact the Administrators of the SAP system to configure the complete SAP System as well as the program id to unicode.
SAP Adapter is only looking for the system but not for the destination.

Remember to restart IS after making changes here.


Thanks Holger for the quick reply.
On further investigating, my figures point towards broker.
The screenshot I had given is from savepipleline/restorepipeline and looks like that is misleading.
IS is interpreting the message correctly and it is even publishing it to Broker. There after, It is getting disappeared. Subscribing svc never gets invoked.
Looks like Broker is rejecting the document.
I am now trying to disable the trigger client and will check in MWS broker client Q, how the message looks like.

Adding to the above, the very first step of our svc is to do a debug log to server logs with the message we get from SAP.
When we check our server logs, we see the entry properly with no special characters.

In broker client Q, we see some thing like C/OC/OD/ etc. I will try and post the exact message we see in broker client Q soon