JSON Validator

Hello Team

Could you please help me in understand the below:- ( i am using webMethods 9.6)

  1. is it possible to consume a JSON schema in webMethods to validate the run time JSON string,
  2. If yes, which service we need to use for this. hope its not pub.schema.validate

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Currently we don’t have any service (OTTB) for JSON validation. However you can make use of pub.schema:validate, create an IS document from JSON file and use pub.schema:validate to pass the IData to validate it.

Moreover there are public JSON services (pub.json:*) in WmPublic you can make use of them and build own custom logic to validate JSON.

You can raise a Feature Request in SoftwareAG Brainstorm in Empower to request for JSON validation service. Share the request number I can add my vote.

It’s pub.schema:validate.

We have implemented this for a customer. You can easily write java service with the below libraries from the below.

Hi Team,

Could you please suggest me How to create JSON Schema in webMethods(Like we create Schema for Flatfile and XML).
How to validate JSON using the service “pub.schema:validate” , But what are the values should I give in the field “conformsTo” and “SchemaDomain” field.

Appreciate your inputs.


FYI, pub.json:validate service is now available in wM 10.1 release.

pub.json:validate is deprecated - Replaced by pub.json.schema:validate, available from 10.4 and up.