JMS trigger message lost


JMS trigger is configured with one handler service and one queue with following properties:

Fatal Error handling ->Suspend on Error ->true

Transient error handling → Max retry attempts -->1

Transient error handling → Retry interval–>10 seconds

Transient error handling ->On retry failure–>Suspend and retry later

Issue is, first message is being lost while trigger is getting suspended and subsequent messages were queued up.
Suppose if we have fired 5 request, first message will get lost and another 4 messages will be there in queue.Am i missing any settings? I didnt see any error in the server.

Hi Prasath,
This is expected behavior. In order not loose data that gets failed first time,

  1. Enable Audit of that service and resubmit from MWS
  2. If you don’t want to process the data, and just store it somewhere else for manual analysis, during failure you still have the data in your catch block. You can code to send the failed data to another client queue or Dead Letter Queue.


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Thanks a lot senthil.

One more clarification: is there any prerequiste for resubmitting the message using MWS?Do I need to configure BAM server? I think, enabling the auditing can be done by using properties → Audits ->Enable Auditing. Kindly help.

Hi Prasath,
No need to configure BAM and all…

All you need is, configure ISInternal and ISCoreAudit in IS Admin. Enable the service level auditing in root flow services of your package which is called by trigger… Have WmMonitor installed, and have Remote server configured with your own host…


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Did the trigger service use pub.flow:throwExceptionForRetry?