Transient error handling in JMS Trigger


I need to roll back the message to queue if there is any error (Fatal or transient) while processing the trigger service. Also I need to suspend the JMS trigger.

I have set the property suspend on transient error. I want to know how trigger will get to know in case of transient error. How to implement this. Can anyone please help on this.


configure Trigger for “Suspend and Retry Later”.

In the triggered service use throwExceptionForRetry in the catch-block where the error is handled.

See IS Built-In-Services Reference and the Using_Integration_Server_to_Build_a_Client_for_JMS Guide for details.


You have to write your own logic to decide which exception should be classified as transient for your interface. Then, use the service mentioned to throw the exception for retry.

What is the transaction type you have used while configuring the JMS Connection alias?


You have to write a resource monitoring service which needs to be referenced in trigger and a simple code to check if its a transient error or not. If transient error outside the main sequence then throwExceptionForRetry.