JMS Config - Connection Factory Lookup Name

Hi guys,

i have a question for you,

i am installing a new webMethods server with UM IS and MWS, and i have an issue with the connection between IS and UM.

i need to understand this : Connection Factory Lookup Name

i dont know what i must to put in there…

we are trying to instance a process and it can not,

i have this config :
Connection Factory Lookup Name local_um

i upload a few pictures for you understand,

regards and good weekend,

Alejandro Fernandes

the last image

You have to create the Connection Factory Name on UM Enterprise Manager with the name “local_name”

Go to UM EM and select the UM instance in the navigation panel. Click on JNDI tab and create the CF “local_um”

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hi !,

yes i saw that “solution” but i cant find the connection factory in the JNDI TAB,

i attached an image, can u help me to find out that please?


Hi Alejandro,
It looks like you have not created the JDNI context; when you open the JNDI tab it will ask you and you need to say yes.

Jane how are you?,

thanks, i just have clicked the "apply " buton and works,
then i added and works perfectly

thanks a lot