JMS <--> Broker publish/subscribe


In new release of wM 7.1, JMS is built into Broker, and there is a new trigger object in developer - JMS Trigger (regular trigger has been renamed to Broker/Local Trigger). Now here comes my question: using these new tools is it possible to jms.send messages which will be picked up by normal triggers? I am looking for a clean, simple solution which would enable to subcribe (Broker trigger) to documents published using jms.send and in the same time receive the same document published by regular publish:publish.


Hi Bart,

Broker JMS and Broker Messaging are 2 different concepts.

Broker JMS : Broker JMS follows JMS 1.1 Specification mechanism (cross check if its updated to 1.2)
Broker Messaging : Broker messaging is webMethods proprietary messaging mechanism

In normal scenario I have not come across broker trigger subscribing to jms messages. You need to write a jms trigger for that.

There is small exception for PRT messages, you can use “pub.prt.jms:send” to encode an IS document into a JMS message which would kick off your business process. (have not tried this though)

Probably you can do some research on this method. Go through page 63 of ‘7-1-1_Process_Engine_Users_Guide.pdf’



IMHO, doing this would not result in a cleaner solution. I believe that having separate triggers to clearly show which type of message was published/subscribed would make the solution clearer.

Any other reasons for doing this?

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