wM 6.1 Broker JMS provider and its capabilities....


I have the following questions on Broker 6.1 JMS implementation. I would appreciate any info on the following:

  1. Can a (JMS client) service consumer, publish document on to the local broker and be subscribed to by a “regular” service producer using an IS and trigger services? In other words, will the JMS message that was posted to a specific JMS topic on one end, end up and properly pulled off the broker queue by the IS on the other side?

  2. Converse to above, Can a regular IS service consumer, publish a document on to the local broker and be subscribed to by a JMS service producer?

If the answer is YES to the above, can some one specify how as well?



You can use a Message Consumer or Message Requester to read a message from a JMS queue or topic. Once you have the message you can convert it into a document type and republish to Broker if you so desire.

A message notification, on the other hand, polls a JMS queue or topic and publishes a notification document to the Broker when a message arrives. You can use a standard IS trigger to invoke a service when the notification document is published. The first step of the invoked service would be to use a message conversion service to turn the JMS message (text, map, object, byte, etc.) into an IS document.

IS services can put messages into JMS queues and topics using JMS Adapter message publishing services. You could have a triggered service do this when a broker document was published, but that would be an extra step.