JMS and Broker Triggers on same document type

Hello guys,

Discovering WM and having some hard time :smiley:

I have a document type that can published in two ways :services can use either jms.send or publish.publish.

  1. I have a Broker Trigger listening on that event. It is triggered whenever a doc is submitted. The problem is that when I try to catch the published document, I only an array of bytes insted of the text content :
  1. I created two triggers : JMS and Broker types. Both are triggered whatever the way Im using to submit my document. I there anyway to let prevent for example JMS trigger to trigger while Im submitting via publish.publish ?

  2. What should be the inputs of my triggered services ? Last week I failed completly with broker triggers. The input for my triggered service should have the same name than the input document type. Is the same for JMS triggered services ? How should the input be called ? JMSMessage ? DocumentType ?

I know I may be a little hard to understand. Please ask if need some rephrasing.

Thank you