JMS trigger vs Broker Trigger


Basic Question: In our implementation, IS published document is subscribed by another service in the same IS / different IS connected to same broker.

Which type of trigger (Broker JMS Trigger or Broker Local Trigger) can be used for optimal usage of broker? Kindly Suggest


  1. A Broker/local trigger is subscribes to and processes documents
    published/delivered locally or to the Broker
    2.JMS trigger is receivesmessages from a queue on a JMS provider and then processes
    those messages.

Thanks Jeevan.

My query is,
I can also make my broker act as JMS Provider and post the IS document in a JMS message and a JMS trigger subscription.

So, which implementation will lead to an optimal usage of broker?
Kindly suggest.

In one of our implementation in wm8, we used the JMS provider and the jms triggers. We had to work with topics and queues. Unlike native broker triggers which create a corresponding broker client in the broker on migration of the trigger to a higher environment, the jms trigger does not create a topic/queue client in the broker and will have to be created manually. This actually has created a potential problem where if the topics/queues get deleted… the prod team will need to create them manually…

Hope this helps.


I think u can configure connection alias with client id/prefix that way each JMS trigger client is created in broker automatically and you dont have to manually do it…

Could any one provide the link for PDF.

Thanks in advance