JDom beta 8 within X-Application 3.1.3


some of you do have problems with lost formatting when working on XML documents.
JDom beta 6 does have a problem with it, switching to JDom beta 8 will solve this problem.

As an attachment you will find the necessary files to switch from beta 6 to beta 8.

Please follow the installation instructions:


Installation instruction for the jdom beta 8 fix.


  • 1. Download the contributed .zip file.

    Create a backup copy of your Tamino X-Application environment because changes you have previously made may be overwritten.

  • 2. Unzip the file in your Tamino X-Application 3.1 .3 environment.

  • 3. Execute the command script build.cmd to rebuild Tamino X-Application and integrate jdom beta 8.

  • 4. Execute the command script build examples.jsp to rebuild the JSP examples.

  • 5. Execute the command script build demos.jsp to rebuild the JSP demos.

  • 6. Execute the command script build generator to rebuild the Tamino X-Application Generator.

Delete the content of your Tomcat work directory to prevent irritations concerning Tomcat.


Integrating the Tags into an Existing Web Application


To integrate the changes:

  • 1. Proceed with the steps as described in the above section.

  • 2. Copy the file xapplication\lib\debug\xapplication.jar into the directory yourWebApplication\Web-Inf\lib\xapplication.jar.

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