JDBC Pools

Hi Team,

I just wanted to understand the use of JDBC Pools.

We are using 9.12 version.

In the IS Admin page,JDBC Pools, could see that for Adapters Functional Alias Definitions has not been enabled yet.

What is the difference if we enable it for Adapter or disable it ?

Thanks in advance.

The ‘Adapters’ Functional Pool Alias is meant for Adapters, which requires JDBC connection for storing config information or for any other purpose(other than normal service execution). Currently, this is used by Oracle Apps adapter and Ariba adapter.

We do not set this for JDBC Adapter, however, this is required only for specific adapters. Details about this will be mentioned in the installation and configuration information for the required adapters.

Good to see these sort of questions after a long time :slight_smile:

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