WM - DiagnosticData - JDBCPools.txt provided the following information.

JDBC Function: CentralUsers

Min Connections: 1
Max Connections: 20
Total Connections: 1
Available Connections: 1
Pool status: Active
Get connection took (0) milliseconds.

  1. I would like to know why when Max connection is 20, available connections are showing only 1? Where this config is set in Admin console.

  2. It shows Pool Status is Active. What are the other values POOL Status can have? Where to find added details on this.

Appreciate your help in clarifying this.

you should be able to see the JDBC pools at:
Adapters > JDBC Adapter
the min con is 1, so normally only one connection will be kept (not 20, whilst it’s the max allowed).
There are other settings you can review on the same page.