JDBC Adapter Minimum Pool Size

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It is advised to set Minimum Connection Pool 0 to avoid stale connection but as per the details in the documenation this field specifies the number of connections to create when the connection is enabled.

So how it is working if is 0.

Can you please help me understand?


Yes you are in the right track with that minimum pool as 0 setting (it will avoid and resolve any transient or network hiccups or db maintenance restarts) also you should have one for maximum setting and rest of the connection pool enabling to true will take care during the run-time from the IS/Adapter point of view.


Kindly review the below:

Run-Time Behavior of Connection Pools
When you enable a connection, Integration Server initializes the connection pool,
creating the number of connection instances you specified in the connection’s Minimum
Pool Size field when you configured the connection. Whenever an adapter service needs
a connection, Integration Server provides a connection from the pool. If no connections
are available in the pool, and the maximum pool size has not been reached, the server
creates one or more new connections (according to the number specified in the Pool
Increment Size field) and adds them to the connection pool.
If the pool is full (as specified
in Maximum Pool Size field), the requesting service will wait for Integration Server to
obtain a connection, up to the length of time specified in the Block Timeout field, until
a connection becomes available. Periodically, Integration Server inspects the pool
and removes inactive connections that have exceeded the expiration period that you
specified in the Expire Timeout field.

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Thanks RMG and Mahesh for such an explanation.

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