Ideal Values for all Configuration parameters

Hello All,

Im wondering wethere there is any place where I can serch Ideal values for all configuration parameters… or if any one know can you please help me out.

When I mean configuration parameteres…

Best values for all config.cnf parameters…
Best values for all Connection Management properties in JDBC adapters…!
ex: Minimum Pool Size, Maximum Pool Size, Pool Increment Size, Block Timeout (msec), Expire Timeout (msec), Startup Retry Count, Startup Backoff Timeout (sec)

JDBC Connection Pool Alias prameters values…
ex: Minimum Connections, Maximum Connections, Idle Timeout

In Repository :
Local Lock Timers: Maximum Lock Duration, Maximum Lock Wait, Remote Connection Parameters, Retry Count, Retry Delay

To know the best values for all kind of properties, is there any documentation that I can refer ? can any one please help me out.

Thanks in advance.

No there is no specific documentation as such.But you can review the GEAR/best practices doc on Advantage site and JDBC Adapter and ISAdministrator guide for more reference.

JDBC Connection Pool Alias parameters values…
ex: Minimum Connection set to “0” ideal way for any adapter config.


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