DB connection pooling

Hi All,

I have got a question regarding database connection pooling.

I know that inorder to enable connection pooling we have to set the parameter ‘watt.server.db.connectionCache=server’ in the server.cnf file.

I see one more setting for connection pooling when we are trying to create a database connection (let it be wmDB or JDBC).There is a property called ‘Enable connection pooling’.we have to set it to YES to enable connection pooling.

The only thing which I don’t understand is what is the difference between both of them.

Do we have to set both of them inorder to get the advantages of connection pooling???

I am not clear with the concept.Somebody pls try to help.

JDBCAdapter is separate from those pools setup in “JDBC pools” in the server admin. To get adapter pooling from the JDBC Adapter (e.g. using adapter services/notifications rather than WmDB) all you have to do is configure the “Enable Connection Pooling” when you’re creating the JDBC Adapter connection.

Using WmDB is not really recommended as the way to access a database moving forward.

Nathan Lee

“Using WmDB is not really recommended as the way to access a database moving forward.”

Can you help explain what the primary difference between wmDB and the JDBC Adapter are? Re-writing all of our services to use the JDBC Adapater vs. the WMDB adapter would be a huge project for us, we are looking for any feedback which compares the value of each db util.


A few advantages are WMJDBC adapter has enhanced connection pool management,Connection to any database using supported drivers while WMDB has some limitations,

Also slowly WM will stop supporting WMDB and continues for JDBC Adapter in IS6.x and higher.

Some one will post more advantages going forward.