Difference between JDBC Pools and JDBC Adapter Connection Pools


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I have a question about JDBC pools. In WM 6, what are the differences between the JDBC Pools (found under the Settings Menu in the Mgmt Console) and the JDBC Adapter Connection Pools (found under the Adapters:JDBC Adapter Menu)?


// Carlos

Carlos - The former (JDBC Pools) specifies the database where you would like to write your audit and Trading Networks logs. And JDBC Adapter Connection Pools (or “connection pooling”) refers to the capability to concurrently open and use several connections to a given database instance for the sake of performance.

Main difference is the fact that IS JDBC Pool are managed pools that use the Embedded JDBC Drivers supporting only the internal features of the webMethods Integration Server (audit log, Cross Referencing, process audit) which requires you to run the common/scripts on the database if you don’t go local. The JDBC Adapter Connections are supported by 3rd party JDBC Drivers to execute Dynamic SQL used by your webMethods services. The IS JDBC Pool connections are not accessible to you services.