JDBC Pools Error

Hello, i want to ask after i add new JDBC Pools, i got this error on my Scheduler [SoftwareAG][Oracle JDBC Driver][Oracle]ORA-00942: table or view does not exist, i attached Xref and ISInternal to the JDBC Pools i created. Any Idea what im doing wrong? Thanks

Vincent, did you install and use DB Configurator to execute the product/component DB scripts, for your Oracle database?

Documentation - Reverb


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Hi Vincent,

Please ensure you have ran all the necessary DBC tool against the SQL-Oracle scripts that comes part of configurator along with proper user/schema access permissions. Once this step is successfully completed you can create jdbc pool aliases for each of the component (ISInternal,Xref) etc… so the any asset that using jdbc pools will start working as expected.


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Ohh, i think i missed this part, so i need to create new IS Schema?, is it possible to install it by SSH to the Linux Server?

Yes, a schema and tablespaces are required. I shared the documentation above, please follow the steps in it.


Alright, but the problems now i only have the access to the server by SSH, i don’t have the access to the OS because it’s client privilege, theres no way to install it by SSH?

Both wM product installation (i.e., DB Configuration) and execution of wM table/index creation scripts can be done via the corresponding Linux CLI scripts that are available (for SSH).
If you cannot use the wM user that was used for installation, reach out to the team who performed the installation.


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Alright then Mr. Kasi, i will try ur solution regarding to my question, i will find a way how to do that first. Thanks

Sure…good luck Vincent

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