JDBC pool connection using a non-interactive Database ID

We have run into an issue with our JDBC pool connections and wanted to see if anybody else has experienced this before. It is a standard at our company that database user IDs (we run on AIX platform) are non-interactive IDs. In other words if you use command line you cannot log into the server directly using this ID. You have to login using a diffeerent Id and then via the “su” command become the database ID.

We found that the moment our database Ids were changed to enforce this restriction the JDBC pools could no longer connect to the databases. (while running the TEST it comes back saying the Id has been revoke or is invalid). When they were changed back to interactive IDs the JDBC pools worked again.

According to our DBAs our other vender supplied packages do not have a problem with this ID restriction being enforced. They believe it has something to do with the dataDirect driver and how the application is trying to connect to the database.

Has anybody seen or come across this before?

What happens when you use the Oracle JDBC drivers rather than the WM-supplied Data Direct drivers?


Sorry, I should have been a little more specific. We do not use Oracle as our backend database, instead we use UDB. I will ask our systems folks and DBAs if they’re aware of IBM supplied drivers that do the same thing as the Datadirect driver. Although I must admit we’re very weary of using something that is not recommended or standard for the webmethods software.

Using vendor supplied JDBC drivers is a common practice. The JDBC adapter user’s guide or the IS installation guide will indicate which database vendors and versions are supported.


I suggest looking into JTOpen…


may I ask for your UDB Version, your IS Version and DataDirect-Version?
(Mark is pointing to a document where the supported combinations are listed.)
Maybe you should contact wM Technical Services and request a DataDirect version for your exact IS/UDB combination.


Suggestion: Look into JTOpen;

From the site:
JTOpen is the open source version of the IBM Toolbox for Java licensed program product.

I know of many clients using JTOpen with webMethods (including my current client); webMethods supports and lists JTOpen v4.1 in its JDBC Adapter v6.0.3 install guide.

We use UDB 8.2, IS 6.5 and build 68 of dataDirect driver. We’re looking at applying the latest build 89 of the driver.
I have contacted tech support but have not received a response yet. I will look into the JTOpen option