JDBC Adapter Connection to DB2 UDB 81 EE AIX

Anyone has experience using the I.S. 6.0.1 SP2 JDBC Adapter to connect to DB2 v8.1 EE (AIX)

Question 1. What Data Source Class should I use.

I’ve tried using the COM.ibm.jdbc.db2.DB2DataSource. But when starting
the I.S., always complain about class not found for javax.sql.DataSource

Thanks in advance

Check in advantage.webMethods.com site, in 6.0.1, JDBC adapter user guide PDF. Its strange that u worry about data source class…try to be approachive always…search for information u will find everything unlike other EAI.

The data source class that u have tried with is correct, but I think the script files are not copied properly in the database that will create table spaces for the connection and process of extracting data.

I would suggest you to try configuring the connection again with new databast name in DB2 v8.1.
Hope this will resolve the issue.