DB2 JDBC adapter

I am trying to find out the information about IS DB2 JDBC adapter. Information like supported adapter platforms, required drivers/software, supported target DB2 platform.
We are running DB2 on OS/390

You can find some of this information in the Release Notes and the readme.txt for the JDBC Adapter. The Release Notes can be found in the Bookshelf section of webMethods Advantage. I believe you will need to install the JDBC Adapter to see the readme.txt file.

From the webMethods Enterprise JDBC 4.2.1 Adapter Release Notes:
“This version supports DB2 version V4R5 running on AS/400, and DB2 versions 5 and 6 running on OS/390.”

From the the webMethods Enterprise JDBC 4.2.1 Adapter readme.txt file:
“- DB2 OS/390 V5 and V6 are supported with JDBC driver provided by UDB server and DB2 Connect”

Hope this helps.

Check the compatibility of your JVM with your DB2 driver by using the table at

On webMethods 6.5 with JVM 1.4.2, make sure you are using the DB2 8.1 fix pack 8 (driver 2.5.33) or fix pack 9 (driver 2.6.80) . These versions are subject to change but I’m writing this on May 1st, 2006. To access the mainframe, install the DB2 Connect software on your IS machine and add to the classpath c:\Program Files\IBM\SQLLIB\java (the default location) for the db2jcc.jar file. You need a db2jcc_license_*.jar file in this directory also.
The * in the license file is ciszu for mainframe db2 or c for Windows DB2, or cu for unix DB2.

Then click start/all programs/IBM DB2/ Command line Tool/ Command Center and try to log into the mainframe DB2 database. There is also a Configuration Assistant that you can review to see that the settings are there. Let the mainframe DB2 people set up these settings.

Type into the Command line tool these commands:
connect to user and click the gears in the top left corner.
replace the xxx with the prefix of the tables you want to see. If the tables are there and you can connect as a user, you are ready to connect thru webMethods.

In the JDBC connections screen of the IS administrator, type in
com.ibm.db2.jcc.DB2DataSource for the Data Source class. For the server, type in the IP address of your IS server (or the server where DB2 Connect is installed). Fill in the user name, password, database name (the connection name you used in the Command Center), 50000 is the default port, and in Other Properties fill in DriverType=4;AlternateID=db2;showSelectableTables=true

I hope this helps.