JDBC Adapter 6.02 with DB2 Connect and OS/390 on zSeries

Has anyone successfully connected the new DB2 supported JDBC Adapter to either DB2 Connect 7.2 or 8.1 and got it working with OS390?. Is it a pre-requisite to have IS 6.01 SP2 to use JDBC Adapter 6.02 ?

We have successfully been using wmDB via DB2 Connect 7.2 using .app & .net Drivers. This works from Win2000 or HPUX as long as DB2 Connect is installed correctly, having db2java.zip in IS classpath is not enough, it references other files in SQLBIN directories (picked this up using Filemon) after having issues.

We are interested in getting the JDBC 6.02 edition going, however are yet to upgrade to IS 6.02 SP2 or DB2 Connect 8.1. The readme.txt says all flavours of DB2 since 5.X however leaves out zSeries. The JDBC pdf says OS/390 is supported. Note, the DB2 edition on OS/390 is 6.1.

Update on DB2 connectivity;

We have now updated DB2 7.2 enterprise edition (Connect Edition) to FixPack10 and it appears that the DB2Java.zip file supplied by IBM in the SQLLib\Java and SQLLIb\Java12 directory are different. The one installed under Java12 has the DB2Datasource.class within it whereas the other does not. We have copied the edition conpatabile with DB2 Enteprise 7.2 FP10 to the Jars\Lib directory within IS and the wmDB still works. (this is the same with all Db2 or Fixpack installs)

The JDBC Adapter finds the drivers, however we get CLI type errors back in the Server log reported from the ART. We have investigated wether the errors are recorded on OS/390. No luck yet. Perhaps they require additional patches, we are checking with IBM.

Has anyone bpassed DB2 Connect (as we currently are under the impression that DRDA is proprietry to IBM) and require DB2 Connect off host from AIX, HPUX and Windows NT/2000/XP or Linux running in an LPAR (Like an off host Linux Server)

What is implied in the release notes and User Guide for JDBC 6.02 is that connecting direct to the mainframe is possible with OS/390 just like AS/400 and that OS/390 edition 6.1 can be configured via IS directly, as well as 7.2 8.1 UDB editions (assuming off host).

To us, the 7.2 and/or 8.1 editions are off host and IS plus the JDBC Adapter 6.02 just will not connect successfully.

We have tested adapter with db2 connect 8.1 FixPack3 and it works. The caveat is that os/390 has appropriate patches and binds have been completed successfully.

Also, It seems that IS SP2 is a pre-requisite to support 6.02 JDBC Adapter ?

It also seems that it is very important DB2 Connect is instaleld correctly re: system environment and path statements

Have you had any luck on this or opened an SR? It appears that I am currently attempting to do the exact same thing on our systems with identical results. We run DB2 7.2 on the mainframe. I also have a 7.2 instance running on an AIX machine. I am not able to connect to either machine using JDBC 6.0.2 (with db2java.zip in lib\jars). I get “unable to configure connection manager” type errors. wmDB, however, works without problems on either machine. I will continue to check the forums and am very interested to come to a solution.

I also get the error “unable to configure connection manager”. But I am not able to make it work with wmDB.

I would like to ask if is necessary to define something in the server ? The listening port for JDBC is the same for DB2 access ?


JDBC adapter connection with OS/390 6.1 can be made via DB2 Connect 7.2. The adapter does not make direct connection to OS/390 like AS/400. User will need to make client configuration from DB2 Connect. It can be viewed as the adapter working with DB2 Connect directly.

We have now succesfully connected with wmDB and JDBC 6.02 via DB2 Connect
Type III & Type IV. DB2 Connect 8.1 FP3 only, 7.2 does not work with JDBC only wMDB

First of all , disable SAP adapter if running (we have encountered conflict)

I assume that the CCA test connects successfully for ODBC, CLI, JDBC
DB2 generally is OK

Make sure the latest db2java.zip file should be installed in both the opt/ibm/db2/v8.1/libs for Unix and equivilent NT
plus Integration Server/lib/jars folder
(The one installed with your version of db2connect)

open the db2java.zip and ensure the .app and or .net are in this file
Use .app if local DB2 instance sames host as IS
Use .net if remote instance to IS

Include in the IS Startup Script (S50webMethods6)the following line : ./home/db2inst1/sqllib/db2profile

ensure that the additional Classpaths are in the System environment after correct db2Connect installation

We added these jars * zips as well to IS
jcc for type IV, the licence files for licence errors


I have not got the Type IV parameters available, will update shortly

Does DB2 Connect 7.2 support DB2 v5 on OS/390?

Can someone help me!
We can’t connect jdbc adapter 6.0.2 with db2 8.1.3
we have this platform:
OS Win2000
WebMethods version 6.0.1
what other files in SQLBIN directories that it can reference in IS classpath if db2java.zip is not enough.
the driver name that we had use is: COM.ibm.db2.jdbc.DB2DataSource is it the right one?

Help please !

I am not able to connect jdbc adapter 6.0.3 with db2 8.1.3

we are using Webmethods version : 6.1 with Windows 2000 OS.

The following are the connection properties.

Connection Type – JDBC Adapter Connection,
DataSource Class – COM.ibm.db2.jdbc.app.DB2Driver,

Error encountered
[ART.118.5042] Adapter Runtime (Connection): Unable to enable connection resource db2:db2Connection.
[ART.118.5036] Adapter Runtime (Connection): Unable to configure connection manager.

Could any one help me to recolve this issue ??

Try a data source class of:

Make sure the jar file loaded in IS. Try with DataSource class. Most probably yhis might be because connection parameters or jar file issue. There are already several thread talks about JDBC adapter connection related issues. Please check those.

We are trying to connect to db2 8.1.3 using JDBC Adapter 6.0.3.

Driver:COM.ibm.db2.jdbc.DB2DataSource, as suggested in webMethods JDBC user guide pdf.

Connection entries are getting saved successfully, But when trying to enable the connection. The JDBC Adapter page is getting hanged. And if closed and tried to open again, Connections are not showing up. Can not restart the IS in this position, It has to be killed and started again.

Please guide.

Is DB2 connectivity with wM supported by webMethods? Anyone knows? Please advise!!!

Yes, DB2 connectivity is supported by webMethods. For the details of the support [ie. DB2 versions and OS’es] download the JDBC Adapter 6.0.3 Installation Guide from the Advantage Bookshelf.

If you are talking about the core database tables (eg. IS Core audit tables etc) the answer is again “yes”, download the “webMethods Database Guide” document for details.